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New York State ushered in “No-Fault” Divorce grounds in October 2010. However, that did not simplify the process of divorce. While grounds may not be an issue, there are still difficult issues to resolve such as marital finances, support and child custody. Some areas of the relevant laws are ever changing. Changes in 2016 revised the area of spousal maintenance. It is important to have a Law Firm that is tracking those changes and will help you analyze how they impact your situation.
The United States Supreme Court ruled on June 26, 2015 that States cannot ban same sex marriage. NYS passed the Marriage Equality Act in 2011. Even before such historic court rulings and legislation, Ianniello Anderson, P.C. has been committed to serving the needs of clients in same sex divorce and related family law issues.
The firm also recognizes that many clients would prefer more involvement in the outcome of their matters. That is why the firm is committed to offering Collaborative Law services that provide a Team based model of out of court dispute resolution. In such a model, you, the client, are an integral part of the Team giving you a leading role in the process.
Our firm offers comprehensive Matrimonial and Family Law services to its clients. Ianniello Anderson, P.C. recognizes the very personal nature of a client’s family law matter requires personalized services.
“Divorces are not cookie cutter legal matters. Each couple’s unique financial and family circumstances need to be considered to present the client with all available options to move their matter towards a prompt resolution”. Kelly M. Curro, Esq., Ianniello Anderson, P.C.
We understand that you need to know your options not just as to the substantive law but also as to the process of resolution that is available to you.
The firm’s four convenient locations (Albany, Clifton Park, Saratoga and Glens Falls) in the Greater Capital District region allow the client to be served at the location that will best meet his or her needs.
Services offered include the following:
  • Consultation Services: Initial Consultations
  • On-going consultation to clients using a divorce mediator
  • Consultation to review proposed Agreements
  • Drafting Prenuptial Agreements
  • Postnuptial Agreements
  • Separation Agreements and Addendums to existing Agreements
Divorce (Court and Collaborative):
In addition to court actions for divorce, the firm has an attorney trained to provide clients with the option of Collaborative Divorce based solutions as an alternative to Court based resolutions of matters.
Collaborative Law is a process to resolve Matrimonial and Family Law issues where a commitment is made by the participants to use the Collaborative method rather than the Court system. Collaborative Law allows the participants to be fully involved in the process and all decision making. It allows a couple to use a team approach to reach creative and effective solutions to their matter in a respectful environment. Rather than matters being worked out in the hallways of the local Courthouse or in the Courtroom in front of a Judge, couples attend work sessions scheduled around their work commitments and schedules to provide a more relaxed environment to achieve the couple’s common goals.
Family Court:
Custody Proceedings, Child and Spousal Support Proceedings, Family Offense Proceedings, Grandparent Visitation Proceedings, Post-Divorce Enforcement of Support Orders; Modification of Existing Child Support Orders; Modification of Existing Custody Orders
Many times a couple has resolved their Divorce and reached an Agreement, but a life circumstance or change requires a modification of the terms of that Agreement with regard to custody and/or child support. The Court retains jurisdiction on child custody matters until age 18 and child support matters to age 21 in New York State. An Agreement reached by a couple when their children are young may no longer be meeting the needs of the children. The firm offers consultation and services to modify existing Orders of Support and Custody.
There are also times where a party to a Custody or Support Order is not abiding by the terms of that Custody or Support Order. Services are offered to seek Court enforcement of existing Orders of Child Support and Custody.
Services are provided in the New York State Supreme and Family Courts of the greater Capital District region.
The divorce lawyers at Ianniello Anderson, P.C. are veterans in family law. Their matrimonial attorneys work with each and every client to tailor the appropriate representation to his or her case. If you are looking for a divorce attorney in eastern upstate New York, call us today at 518-371-8888 to schedule an initial consultation. Our offices are located in Albany, Glens Falls, Saratoga Springs, and Clifton Park. We serve clients from the entire Albany, Amsterdam, Clifton Park, Glens Falls, Schenectady, Saratoga, and Troy metropolitan areas.

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